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Why do we have a Local Pension Board?

The independent Hutton enquiry into public service pension provision identified a case for stronger governance of all public service pension scheme, and that representatives of the workforce should be formally involved.
The enquiry recommended that every public service pension scheme should have a properly constituted, trained and competent Pension Board with member nominees responsible for governance and effective administration of the pension scheme.
The Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015 is a national scheme. Locally, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire firefighter pensions are managed by West Yorkshire Pension Fund. 
You can read the full Guidance on the governance and operation of Local Pension Boards issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government here.
How often does the Board meet?
The Board meets quarterly. 
Meeting papers can be accessed here.
Who are the Members of the Board?
The membership of the Board is given below. Technical and professional advice is provided by the pensions administrator, West Yorkshire Pensions Fund (WYPF) who attend the meetings in an advisory capacity.
Members of the Board will be provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to adequately fulfil the role.

Membership Status



Independent member/ Chair

Andrew Bosmans (Chair)
Declarations of Interest form

Employer representative  

Chris Kirby Deputy Chief Fire Officer Declarations of Interest Form


Employer representative  

Sue Kelsey Declarations of Interest Form

Employee representative   Matt Nicholls  Fire Brigades’ Union (FBU)Declarations of Interest form
Employee representative   Neil Carbutt Fire Brigades’ Union (FBU) Declarations of Interest form
Independent Member   John Weston Declarations of Interest form
Employee representative   Steve Fletcher Group Manager Fire Officers’ Association (FOA) Declarations of Interest form  

The Pension Board’s Constitution is available here.
The Member Code of Conduct is available here.
Local Pension Board - Annual Report 2018-19
This will be reviewed by the administering Authority (South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority) on an annual basis.
Key documents and useful links:
The Pensions Regulator is the UK regulator of work-based pension schemes. Their website has information about everything to do with work-based pension schemes.
For further information on the Local Pension Board please contact: Linda Noble, Principal Policy Officer on 01226 772931, E-mail:


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