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Scrutiny and Overview

The Combined Authority’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) has the following responsibilities:

  • To act as a focus for the monitoring, scrutiny and challenge of the Authority, its committees and undertakings;
  • To investigate matters of strategic importance to residents and businesses within the City Region and to report with recommendations to the Authority;
  • To scrutinise the decisions of the Authority, its committees and undertakings and make recommendations for improvement and/or change;
  • To review the performance of the Authority

The Committee operates an approved call-in procedure

The Committee is made up of 14 Members from across the City Region Constituent and non-Constituent districts. Members appointed at the 2017 meeting of the Combined Authority AGM for the 2017/18 municipal year* are as follows:

District Member

First Appointed


Cllr Wayne Johnson (Labour) contact details
TBC (Independent)

27th July, 2017
Bassetlaw Cllr John Shephard (Labour) contact details
15th January, 2015
Bolsover Cllr Sandra Peake (Labour) contact details 27th July, 2017
Chesterfield Cllr  Peter Innes (Labour) contact details 27th April, 2017
Derbyshire Dales Cllr Chris Furness (Conservative) contact details 15th January, 2015

Cllr Austen White (Labour) contact details
Cllr Allan Jones (Conservative) contact details

27th July, 2017
15th January, 2015
North East Derbyshire Cllr Geoff Morley (Labour) contact details 16th July, 2016

Cllr Brian Steele (Labour) contact details
Cllr Peter Short (UKIP) contact details

16th July, 2016
21st July, 2016

Cllr Ian Saunders (Labour) contact details
Cllr Alan Law (Labour) contact details
Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dem) contact details

21st July, 2016
27th April, 2017
21st July, 2016

 *Members will require re-appointment at the next Combined Authority AGM (11th June 2018)

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