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Our Role

The Police and Crime Panel is responsible for scrutinising and holding to account the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).  It is the Panel's job to agree the priorities in the Police and Crime Plan, monitor the delivery of those priorities, set the Policing precept as part of the Council Tax , and for the recruitment and dismissal of the Chief Constable.  The Panel also supports broader community safety activities across the County.

The Police and Crime Panel is a joint body established collectively by each of the four local authorities in South Yorkshire, with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council acting as the host authority. 

The membership of the Police and Crime Panel consists of 10 Councillors drawn from each of the four local authorities in the South Yorkshire Police area according to a set allocation of places, and 2 Independent (co-opted) members drawn from the local community.

The agenda papers for the Police and Crime Panel meetings are published 5 working days in advance and can be downloaded from the 'Meetings' page.

Terms of Reference
PCP Arrangements
Rules of Procedure
Memorandum of Understanding (document currently review - April 2020)