SYJS - Sheffield
The Role of the Doncaster Sheffield Airport's Noise Monitoring and Environmental Sub Committee is:

 a.  To act as a link with local communities.

b.  To review the implementation of the Quiet Operations Policy.

c.  To review every two years the Sound Insulation Grant Scheme.

d.  To consider the impact on the local community of ground operations associated with the airport.

e.  To monitor air quality as measured at the monitoring stations.

f.  To monitor the level of complaints and the performance of the airport's complaints handling procedure.

g.  To review environmental implications of planning applications.

h.  To review any incidents involving the use of emergency procedures relating to dumping of fuel and fire water.

I.  To review the effectiveness of bird control measures.

j.  To monitor the effectiveness of water resource management and the waste management plan.

Noise Complaints

Doncaster Sheffield Airport acknowledges that noise remains the impact of greatest concern for local residents. In response, the airport has developed a Public Noise Complaints procedure as approved by the Local Planning Authority to handle, monitor, investigate and report each complaint lodged by members of the public. 

To lodge a complaint, you can: 

Call the 24 hour answering service on 01302 623499

Follow this link
Or write to: 

Environment & Community Manager
Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Heyford House
First Avenue

Please leave your name and address followed by the date of the disturbance, time and any other information to assist the investigation.