Border to Coast Pension Partnership
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Our role

Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is a collaboration of 11 Local Government Pension Funds with assets worth approximately £46 billion. The Partnership is responsible for an innovative, FCA regulated asset management company (BCPP Ltd) which combines the best characteristics of both the public and private sectors to manage its assets.

Members of the Border to Coast Pension partnership are:
  •          Bedfordshire Pension Fund
  •          Cumbria Pension Fund
  •          Durham Pension Fund
  •          East Riding Pension Fund
  •          Lincolnshire Pension Fund
  •          North Yorkshire Pension Fund
  •          South Yorkshire Pension Fund
  •          Surrey Pension Fund
  •          Teesside Pension Fund
  •          Tyne & Wear Pension Fund
  •          Warwickshire Pension Fund
The Non-Executive Chair of the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is Chris Hitchen
Administrative support to the BCPP Joint Committee and Shareholders' Board is provided by the South Yorkshire Joint Authorities Governance Unit