South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
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Fire and Rescue Authority Members represent the Authority on a range of strategic partnerships across South Yorkshire including Community Safety Partnerships (CSP’s), Children & Young People Trusts / Partnerships and Health & Well-being Boards etc.

Their role is to:

  • Help the Partnership to be aware of Fire and Rescue policies, priorities and activity.
  • Use political influence / knowledge where appropriate;
  • Ensure that the Authority plays a full and equal part in Community Safety Partnerships consistent with its position as a responsible body;
  • Provide relevant information, e.g. outcomes of consultation, projects and reviews and encourage the partnership to take these into account in preparing and implementing strategies;
  • Support the commissioning of projects and initiatives;
  • Where appropriate, report on projects that have an impact on community safety, people's living environment, lifestyles and life opportunities as part of the wider social agenda.
  • Help identify cross-cutting themes;
  • Be the means of ensuring that there is a proper two-way flow of information between the Authority and strategic partnerships, especially with a view to pursuing complementary aims;
  • Report to the Fire and Rescue Authority on the work of strategic partnerships as and when appropriate.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have developed partnerships and projects to deliver community safety at neighbourhood level.