South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
Stronger Safer Communities Reserve Fund



Latest Update  -  8th March 2019





The SSCR is drawing to a close and there will be no further funding rounds. 


Since its inception the Fund has supported over 60 community projects across South Yorkshire.  The focus of the funding has always been to prevent emergencies happening and protect the people and households that we know are at greater risk of fire and other emergencies.


A social return on investment evaluation carried out after the first two funding rounds showed that the SSCR has delivered a wide range of community benefits as well as improved fire safety.  On average, for every £1 invested through the SSCR, an additional £7.80 of wider social, economic and environmental benefits was achieved.


This evidences the positive change happening in people's lives as a result of SSCR investment.


A further evaluation of Round 3 projects social return will be reported early next year (2020).


For information about any of the projects, please get in touch with Toni Tranter at