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Budget and Accounts

The Police and Crime Commissioner must set an annual budget for policing.  Most of the funding for South Yorkshire Police comes directly from the Government via the police grant, and the remainder comes from the public of South Yorkshire as the police part of the Council Tax.  This is known as the 'precept'. 

The Government has agreed to give the police the same level of funding as last year in 'cash terms', provided that the precept is set at the maximum level permitted. 

At its meeting on 4th February 2019, the Police and Crime Panel voted unanimously to accept the PCC's increase in the Council Tax Precept for 2019/20 of £24 for a Band D property (a 14% increase) to £194.16.  For Band A properties this equates to an annual increase of £16.00 and £18.67 for Band B properties.

See what the Police and Crime Panel said in their news release here.

Police and Crime Panel Expenditure 2017-18

Police and Crime Panel Expenditure 2015-16